Palais Royale South Bend, Preferred Venue

Venue: Palais Royale
Address: 105 W Colfax Ave, 
South Bend, IN 46601
Venue Manager: Deb Leyes
Phone: (574) 235-5582
Web site:


By far our Favorite Wedding Reception venue, the Palais Royale has it all! There is a reason the Palais is South Bend's premiere Reception venue. Venue staff works well with service providers, entertainer, vendors, guests, and client. Opulent decor, world-class stage, fine cuisine, and facilities that make it easy for us to do our job. Deb is the most competent event manager I've ever worked with. The technical staff is amazing. And the catering crew is dignified, happy, and well coordinated!

The following video clips are low resolution clips from the Blog. Video 1 enters the hallway where we will be coordinating  your Bridal Party for the Grand Entrance, and then the Palais Ballroom. You see the beautiful ceiling, one of the finest pieces of indoor architectural design in South Bend. Our Entertainer, DJ John, sets up while the Jazz band gets warmed up for cocktail hour.

This is one of the reasons we love Deb. Unlike most venues who leave you on your own, Deb joins us in the hallway to coordinate the Grand Entrance. This shows me that if one of my Clients had hired an entertainer who was not familiar with coordinating Wedding Receptions, she would at least be able to get them into the room on cue. In reality, any experienced event professional could learn a lot from watching Deb orchestrate a five-star Reception at the Palais! The ceiling, part of the original "opulent décor inspired by the great cities of Europe," has been fitted to accommodate lighting fixtures, making the Palais perfect for our "Dream Come True" Package!

Video 2 tours the stairway up to the VIP facilities and views the Ballroom with staff in high gear preparing for another divine full service five course. You will notice how every surface shines. Every fixture and every area is the finest classic decor, flawless, and clean.

Please provide the following information to reserve your Entertainer. Thank you.
EVENT AUDIO  •  DJ John "Abrasax" Archambault  •  (574) 339-9844